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Filipi shipyard

Family tradition
in the shipbuilding industry

For almost a century, the Filipi family shipyard has been engaged in shipbuilding and ship repairs. We provide services of annual ship maintenance, overhaul, construction and repair of traditional wooden ships, other works in wood, installation of various marine equipment and repairs and maintenance of marine and outboard engines

  • Lifting of the ship
  • Repairs
Brodogradilište Filipi - Sukošan
Brodogradilište Filipi - Sukošan


Year of work


Lifting and lowering the ship

Safe lifting or lowering of the ship with high-quality equipment.

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Ship maintenance

Maintenance of all types of ships using proven products.

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Ship repair and overhaul

All kinds of ship repairs and overhauls in one place.

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Marine engine repairs

Repair and maintenance of marine and outboard engines and devices.

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Repair and construction of wooden boats

Repair and maintenance of traditional wooden boats.

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Trips on a traditional boat

Daily and half-day trips to nearby islands by traditional boat.

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Our story

Centuries of knowledge and wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

The Filipi d.o.o. shipyard is a family-owned company with a long tradition of shipbuilding. The Filipi family are the pioneers of wooden shipbuilding in this part of the Adriatic and beyond.

In the mid-18th century, in 1745, Paško Filipi and his family moved from the island of Korčula to Betina and brought with them the knowledge and tools for making wooden boats. In 1932 his descendants Ante Filipi and his sons Šime, Krste and Ljubo founded the shipyard in Sukošan.

Today's family shipyard currently employs seven employees who perform various duties in shipbuilding, boating and the continuation of traditional wooden shipbuilding.

The family shipyard is located in Sukošan, 10 km from the city of Zadar and 5 km from the Zadar airport located in Zemunik.

The Filipi shipyard deals in shipbuilding and ship repairs.

The services offered include annual ship maintenance, overhaul, construction and repair of traditional wooden ships, other work in wood (ship interiors, decks), installation of various marine equipment, and repair and maintenance of marine and outboard engines. There are also excursions for up to 12 people with the traditional Ljube pasara boat, built in 1989 and renovated in 2021 in the same shipyard.

We have a 60t mobile crane and all the other devices and tools necessary for the maintenance and repair of your boat and, ultimately, for safe navigation. Professional shipyard staff will make sure you get the fastest and best service upon your arrival. Your safe harbor, shipyard port “Filipi” Sukošan, since 1932.


Satisfied customers

Brodogradilište Filipi Sukošan

Well-trained staff, new ships, a modern crane. It is a pleasure to do business with this company.

Marko Brzoja Google review
Brodogradilište Filipi Sukošan

A family-owned business with which I have had an excellent working relationship. Thumbs up for Ljubo and his crew.

Adrian Zilic Google review
Brodogradilište Filipi Sukošan

Very friendly and competent advice. Quality boats that are also maintained in the shipyard. The relationship between quality and price is excellent.

Paul Müller Google review