The family shipyard Filipi is situated in Sukošan, 10 km away from the city of Zadar and 5 km from the Zadar Airport. It manages 1000 square meters of operative coast with 25 berths at sea and 25 on land. It provides you with all kinds of services concerning your ship.

It means annual maintainance (remount), minor and larger repairs in wood and plastics, building in of various ship equipment as well as repairing of all kinds of marine engines cooperating with authorized marine engine services. There is the 60 t mobil crane as well as all the necessary devices and tools in order to maintain and repair your ship and at the end for safe navigation. Our professional staff  provides you with quality and quick service. Come and be witness of our professionality and courtesy. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.


Where are we

Sukošan is situated in the heart of Dalmatia, older than 700 years. It makes the right place for your holiday and enjoying traditional Dalmatian customs. The initial harbour to visit and look round the National park Kornati, Nature Park Telašćica, as well as many islands in one day.Sukošan is 5 km from Airport Zadar, and 10 km from the city of Zadar away.



GPS coordinates 44˚05˚N 15˚30˚



Brodogradilište Filipi d.o.o.

Ždralovac br. 1

23206 Sukošan


Tel/fax: +385 23 393 640                                             

Mob: +385 91 253 6586                                                        



Zračna luka Zadar

p.p. 367
23000 Zadar


Tel.: +385 23 205 800                                                     

Fax.: +385 23 205 809