• 000 €

    Lifting up or down of a vessel


    price on request
  • 000 €

    Washing and cleaning of boat's hull

  • Lifting up and down of a vessel, washing and cleaning of boat's hull 000 €
  • Slip (for trailer boats) one operation
  • Mast mounting and demounting 70 €


While annual remount of a vessel in transit days of berth on land are in price included.

Crane services and hull washing at non-working hours (16:00-20:00) + 50%, and at 20:00-08:00 price on request.

Ship’s owner is not allowed to use the third persons’ services if it is not approved by Shipyard Direction!

Ship’s owner is obliged to announce any extensive works to Shipyard Direction in advance!

Ship's owner or any person conducting the vessel is obliged to declare to the crane operator any hidden point or deffect on the vessel using the crane service. The Shipyard shall not take responsibility for any eventual damage due to hidden points or deffects on the vessel while crane operating.


All prices are in kuna and PDV (VAT) 25% is included.